Monday, November 8, 2010

My New Best Friend

We recently acquired the Cooking Channel, and I cannot emphasize this enough, IT'S AWESOME. Even Carter is singing it's praises. A little more hipster, a little more challenging, a little less obnoxious (cough, Rachel and Sandra): it's a much better version of the Food Network.

Here's who I've been loving...

1. Mo RoI have had a serious crush on Mo Rocca and his glasses since his stint on the Daily Show, and he's the apparent face of the Cooking Channel. Sigh. He so dreamy.

2. Jamie Oliver gardens and grills and throws things together low key style.

3. Um, messy, sweet, brilliant Julia Child is on everyday when I go home for lunch. They even have old school greatness.

4. Chuck's Day Off is also smart, fresh, perfectly-curated restaurant food that I could cook, too. Plus, Chuck has a fun accent.

5. But Kelsey's Essentials is the STUFF.

Kelsey is my new best friend. She makes real food, do-able food and actually teaches some great techniques... which is sorta my complaint about the Food Network. They're more about making fancy Hamburger Helper with chocolate sprinkles in less than 10 minutes. Don't get me wrong. I still watch and love Ina, but the rest of them are appealing to a different crowd, I guess. I feel like the Cooking Channel is food that certainly would take a little longer, but it's like taking a cooking class for free. I feel like I'm learning things when I watch... and it's not nearly as slick and produced from what I've seen. Kelsey seems to be the most bubbly of the bunch, but I really like what she does. Look at her up there. She even wearing an Anthropologie dress for goodness sakes. What's not to love?

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caroline | surprised by joy said...

I have heard so many people singing the praises of the Cooking Channel. I sadly don't have cable or TV of any kind, but it makes me wish I could just order this channel.

Though truthfully, if I had it, I probably would never leave my house.

Give Mo Rocca a big smooch for me. And Jamie, too.