Monday, September 13, 2010

Apple Art: Three Ways

Albrecht Durer woodcut of Adam and Eve via here

"The Apple Orchard” by Rainer Maria Rilke

Come let us watch the sun go down
and walk in twilight through the orchard's green.
Does it not seem as if we had
for long
collected, saved and harbored within us
old memories? To find releases
and seek
new hopes, remembering half-forgotten joys,
mingled with darkness coming
from within,
as we randomly voice our thoughts aloud
wandering beneath these
harvest-laden trees
reminiscent of Durer woodcuts, branches
which, bent under the fully
ripened fruit,
wait patiently, trying to outlast, to
serve another season's
hundred days of toil,
straining, uncomplaining, by not breaking
but succeeding, even though
the burden
should at times seem almost past endurance.
Not to falter! Not to be found

Thus must it be, when willingly you strive

throughout a long and uncomplaining life,
committed to one goal: to give
And silently to grow and to bear fruit.

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