Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bangs and Other Leaps of Faith

I like to adjust my hair style according to significant life changes, but, also, let's be honest, I have a gigantic 5-finger forehead, and I've been thinking about bangs for awhile. Some of those weekly preggers pictures put me over the edge. Ay-yi-yi.

I used to talk to my students about the significance of a female character choosing to change the hairstyle on top of her head usually signaling a shift inside her head, too. The fall after I got married, I tried to get stylish and chopped off my hair to achieve the lamentable look I'm sporting on my driver's license picture. Then I very reasonably grew it out for a few years. The summer I quit teaching, I again chopped it to represent my new freedom for the shackles of crazy teenagers and kooky, Renaissance-fair-loving department heads. Then I felt naked and wanted to grow it again. I'll chalk up this particular hair change to the imminent entrance of our little one. If we can finally take the plunge to parenthood, certainly I can cut a few inches off the front, right? In other words, I'd like to dedicate these bangs to Wee Woo...

and this video to Kendrick.

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Molly said...

love the bangs! can't wait to see them in real time!