Monday, September 13, 2010

Two for One

I, once again, procrastinated my produce picture for the week, so here are Weeks 16 and 17, taken back to back.

Week 16 is supposed to be a turnip, but I don't know if my grocery store's turnips are just pygmies or maybe turnips are out of season or maybe they've been trimmed down smaller than they'd normally be, but Wee Woo passed that pitiful little turnip size a long time ago. For the sake of continuity, I posed with it anyway.

By Week 17, Wee Woo is now the size of a sweet potato... which seems more realistic to me. Hopefully, Wee Woo doesn't have a tail like the sweet potato does.

Also, in breaking news, I think I'm feeling the little one moving around in there. I mostly feel it when I'm lying down. I doesn't feel at all like butterflies or fluttering or a light brush like it's supposed to, more like he/she is rolling over or swimming around. I even think I've felt a couple of pointed little pokes on the right side of my belly... but it's pretty early, and it could totally be my imagination.


Molly said...

i love that you're feeling wee woo move!! love love love. there's nothing like it...

The Hayden Family said...

lovin' the bangs. lovin' the pics. most of all, lovin' your smile! what an exciting time! thanks for keeping your loyal readers up to speed!!!!!