Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So I Don't Take Many Pictures...

Carter and I really only took pictures twice on the trip.

At the Cubs game (Could our seats have been any better?):

Carol sat in front of us. She charted her own box scores, rocked her giant Cubs earrings, was greeted by name by players, chatted with her beer vendor friends, and drank her Bloody Mary. She was awesome.

The Cubs lost, but the weather was perfect, and it was just a great time.

That's us. All six of us. The two Wee Woos first baseball game!

The only other time we took pictures was on the last day at Millennium Park:

There was some kind of music fest / gymnastic exhibition going on at Frank Gehry's Prizker Pavilion. There was a lot of flipping and trampoline jumping to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

There were tons of cute kids trying their best to walk (not run) in between the fountains.

Of course, we took advantage of the bounty of picture opportunities around Cloud Gate.

That one is my favorite. I even think I can see Carter in there.

I'll include a Chicago 2010 Imaginary Snapshot Top Ten List from everything not pictured above:

1. Balsamic foam on my heirloom tomato salad at Graham Elliot
2. Watching the men swaying and competing at Cube Runner while waiting in line at Hot Doug's
3. Sargent's Venetian Glass Workers at the Art Institute
4. My first pair of maternity jeans thanks to H&M
5. The best waffle I've ever tasted in life
6. Watching Carter fall asleep on the architectural boat tour
7. Three beautiful silver tea sieves at our tiny perfect table at The Drake
8. Angles singing as I discovered the kids' section at Zara
9. Walking to get breakfast every morning in windy, autumnal weather
10. Duck breast with green peanut mole at Frontera

I could go on, but these were certainly the highlights.

What was not a highlight yet memorable all the same? My very first, completely irrational, wild and wailing fit of maternity hormones over... wait for it... coffee. Coffee that I'm not even supposed to be drinking. Thankfully, Carter consoled and all embarrassment was concealed in the privacy of our room. But it was a hairy five minutes or so.


monique said...

ahh but you took some great ones! such a great and fun trip :)

Jennifer said...

Looks like you had so much fun! And how could you not with those kicky new bangs?! Thanks for sharing!

Michele said...

Great photos!