Friday, September 17, 2010

Booties of a Different Variety

These little peacock baby booties from She's So Crafty Goods are my first official girlie purchase for She Woo. And, actually, if we don't count the armoire, our first official preparatory purchase period.

When I told Carter about them in the car yesterday, he turned and gave me a look like, "Oh no, here we go. She is going to go berserk over all this crap. I'm going to have to restrain her in a dungeon or something."

And we had to have a conversation where I convinced him that this was just a single celebratory token and that I would remain calm and frugal even though I'm SO EXCITED AND JUST DYING FROM THE PRECIOUSNESS OF EVERYTHING.

But, nevertheless, keeping my wits about me just the same. I swear.


Carter said...

can i just the 'i'm going to go berserk all over this crap' sounds very much like a mac comment from always sunny...just sayin

Beth Wooten said...

1. Always Sunny references aren't allowed on my blog.

2. Are you proud that you sounded like Mac?

Kerry said...

Too funny! Haha.