Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Also Sad

Another depressing thing today is the battle waging between me and the snap on my waistband. I'm wearing a pair of jeans that I bought from Ann Taylor Loft, knowing they were too small but I bought anyway b/c it was the only size they had left, and I really liked their dark wash and trouser styling. Anyway, I have a problem every time I wear them. I'm ok if I don't move, but if my belly pushes forward with a sigh or I lean over to put a stamp on an envelop or if I'm getting out of the car or basically making any movement at all, the snap comes undone with a soft and gentle and eternally aggravating pop. Then the real battle begins. I must very subtly and secretively find a way to snap it back so that my pants aren't flopping open for the office to see. That stupid pop taunts me and reminds me that I am not as small as I once hoped when I bought these ill-fitting jeans.


The Kelley's said...

I have a pair of pants EXACTLY like that...I am adamant that it is the snap! Not a bulging belly!

Jennifer said...

I have many pairs of pants like this. It's the belly. :(