Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fallish Feelings

The Valley Green Inn

(I had Thanksgiving lunch here a few years ago when my bro-in-law was living in Philly. We ate juicy turkey on that porch. However, what you don't see in this shot is the stream babbling lazily along to the far right. And what else you don't see are the very New England-y colors of all the trees covering the hill that rises up out of said stream. It was almost laughable how picturesque the whole thing was--point for point a Thanksgiving stereotype plus really good macaroni and cheese.)

Design New England via Elements of Style

(I want to smell a fire! And also, when is the last time I smelled someone burning leaves outside? Hub and I discussed burning leaves, and I guess city folk don't do that. I don't know. There's probably an ordinance or something. He thought the idea very provincial and Palestine-ish. To quote, "You country!")

The Noble Pig
(This is all I want to do for the month of September. This is it. Sip that coffee and give little bites of that cranberry apple crumb cake to Lu and myself and all our friends.)

This guy from The Sartorialist
(Um, he has on a bow tie with "hobo gloves." Is hobo a un-politically correct word? A friend used it the other day, and it seemed a little taboo, and we laughed at her (brief) lack of refinement.)

My Favorite and my Best

(Glowing fireplace? yes. Softly lighted kitchen? yes. Long family-oriented trestle table? yes. Well, ok then.)

Fly Through my Window
(Smell it. Smell it right now.)

Estate of Things
(Fall doesn't have to be just orange and yellow, you know.)

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