Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obama Money and Dream Shopping Sprees

We got our homebuyers' tax refund in the mail, and as I was dancing around the house, yelling yeah! yeah for socialism! and waving it above my head a la Charlie and "I've Got a Golden Ticket," I began to dream, not a grand, important dream, mind you, a fall shopping dream. I dreamt of what it would be like to spend all Obama's money on clothes and purses and fluffy things of that ilk, instead of on responsible, necessary, no-fun items. Can you picture the cloudy dream bubble spreading above my head as my bare feet shuffled to and fro on the kitchen floor?

Would you like a slideshow of what I'd buy if I had my selfish and vain druthers? Well, it just so happens I've been collecting images for that very purpose.

If I'm doing this, I might as well start with Marc Jacobs in plum.

Just so you know, I have strong feelings about the positive impact of scarves on all aspects of life.

I like to sleep in pretty things. Sometimes I get distracted by ratty T-shirts, but who doesn't?

Polka dots on a dress! with black tights!

I'm still debating about booties.

but I do know I cannot have enough ballet flats in my world.

Thick, voluptuous beads.

I told you about the flats.

This color is so soft and nice, and when carried by its strap, the top flaps over
Ta. Da.

I have long admired driving mocs from a distance.

Victorian booties... but still debating the idea of them.

A sleek bootie option. I guess my issue with the trend is the stumpy leg factor that can come along with a booty. I want to jump on the bandwagon, but it's dangerous. Please admit that sometimes they are very ugly and unflattering. I think this will certainly be one of those items that everyone really regrets in say three years or so. We'll say, "Oy, what were we thinking?" I want to be careful in my selection. As far as flattery goes, I think these are the safest bet.

But these dip in the front, too, plus they have a big wooden button!
What dream shopping spree is complete without some baubles? Could this be my so-called statement necklace?

This dress. (Back.)


In my imaginary world, I'd wear that dress with these tights.

Or these tights.

I'd wear this belt with everything.
And this one with everything else.

If I were actually going to buy anything, it would probably be these cords. How Audrey of J.Crew... Not Audrey in Roman Holiday or Tiffany's or Sabrina or My Fair Lady, but in that one with Fred Astair, where she tries to become a beatnik in in a smokey cafe in France. She wears pants just like this with little black flats and a beret.

This is a corduroy skirt! a corduroy pencil skirt!

I would also take a wool mini for wearing with crazy tights... and maybe booties.

How feminine can a blazer possibly look? Um, velvet in shell and the back is gathered for a pretty ruffle. I can't take any more. I would have to put kittens in those two tiny little pockets.

I have a confession. This is my favorite J.Crew model. Is that weird? I know. It is weird. Awkwardly changing the subject... isn't that shawl neck sweater perfect? And I'm obviously a little stuck on that color.

Yes, that's her again, but don't you like the trim on that blazer?

I have mentioned ruffles before. I like them. But sometimes I think of that Seinfeld episode. You know... the Puffy shirt. And then I get nervous that'll three years down the road it'll be the same regret as with the booties.

This sweater just got an attitude with me.

I want to wear this over long-sleeved things.

Everyone would notice this shirt. Is it too much? Yellow is risky. Especially that close to my face. Especially my pastey face during the winter.

Smokey teal. Puff sleeves. Stand up collar.

Some people wasn't likin chambray, but I'm heartily on board with this one. I have rocked a chambray shirt in the past. I like that it's supposedly back. (When did it leave?) Plus, Ina Garden loves denim shirts. She always pops her collar, too. How bad could that be?

I would wear this shirt exactly in this manner. Tight bun at the nape of my neck and everything.

Just nice. I've been leaning toward navy lately.

And last, this clean and neat jacket.

The end. All my money's been spent. (Actually, I've done no calculations, but I'm guessing it would take a few more handbags. And, Carter, if you're reading this, don't worry. It was all virtual window shopping. No spending here.)


The Hayden Family said...

You are ten times better than a cup of coffee. The best way to start my day. Thanks for the giggles. And i've been dreaming of that rose colored velvet blazer. Give T the kittens from the pockets once they're grown.

kawooten said...

Yum - I love your choices! Where did the chambray shirt come from? I think it would look perfect with my yellow shorts, just like the pic- OK, maybe not just like the pic, but I think I'd like it anyway. :) I wish everyone knew about your blog - you are so good at this! love you!