Tuesday, September 29, 2009

House Pictures--Living Room

OK, before we get started, I just want to say that I didn't not sweep or style or do anything besides turn on some lights before I took these pictures. I also want to say that there are MANY things that need to be adjusted, purchased, and renovated before my house is really ready to be photographed, but nevertheless, here it is anyway. Let's consider all these the "before" pictures. Please reserve judgement.
This is the library portion of the living room, behind the sofa and leading into the dining room. (I promise that I tried to figure out how to rotate the picture, but obviously, I wasn't successful.) I lined the back of the shelves with our former shower curtain. I just love that fabric and couldn't do away with it. Plus, it ties the living and dining room colors together.
I'm waiting to purchase at least a 10' x 14' seagrass rug for the living room. The walls are dove gray-- should the rug trim be black or taupe? I cannot decide. I would say taupe for nearly every other room in the world, but I kinda think black trim for this room... but I don't know. Maybe taupe would be better. I just don't know!

This is looking toward the "foyer" and guest room. I wish I had a real foyer, but what can you do? What I do is put a white pumpkin and some cattails out. Behind the black and white rocker is a big ol' iron scroll that still isn't hung after being here nearly three months. I'd like to have a six or seven foot leaning mirror where the hanging mirror and table are. Sometimes all the clutter and knick knacks drive me crazy, and I want to clean it all off. I think this area needs to be simplified.

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