Wednesday, September 30, 2009

House Pictures--Dining Room

Here is our very open concept (for a house built in 1928 anyway) dining room, and here are the things I'd like to tweak in it:

1. To the left, in place of the floating shelving, I'd like to build a hutch with almost entirely open shelving that is very tall and very wide but not very deep. I like to have my china and crystal where I can keep an eye on them--not buried behind panini presses and Carter's extensive collection of beer quaffing receptacles. I do use my china, and I want to have it readily available. Plus, I like to look at sparkly things.

2. I don't want to offend anyone b/c I've had a few people compliment the light fixture that the previous owners installed... but I HATE IT. Blech. I want something like this or this or this. Hopefully, it'll be less expensive but with that general look.

3. I would really love a huge trestle table (I want room for 10 people!) with a long bench/banquette that backs up to the windows, so that I can pull my other chairs around on the left side and heads. Is that realistic for this space? I don't know. The floorplan for the dining room is my only real complaint about our house. Everything has to lean to the right, scooch over and arrange itself in this slightly cramped, uncomfortable, unsymetrical layout. Nothing I can do about that. That's why I want a shallow hutch and why I want a stationary bench or banquette so that I can push everything to the outside walls and still have room to walk through there.

Is that Scrabble on my tiny table? We both got testy while playing last night and abandoned it for another time.

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TNC said...

Beth, your house is a work of genius. Truly. And the hutch idea is brilliant. Thanks so much for posting pictures of it.
And how many points for "Smackdown?"
And, NO, Lu may not meet the squirrel. Remember her dangerous obsession with the rabbits?