Friday, September 11, 2009

Tiniest of the Tiny

Look what my friend is raising! His (sorry T, I think that's evidence of his manhood on his belly and unfortunately not an umbilical cord) little tail hasn't puffed up yet. She put him right in my hand the other day despite my nervousness, and he wiggled around and, I think, tried to suckle on my finger. Holding something so small and perfect was pretty amazing for a Wednesday evening. Look at that pink belly and those sleepy, wide-set eyes.


TNC said...

I've been called out several times on my inability to determine the squirrel's gender. Thanks for the use of your cage. Once the squirrel moves out of the Tiffany & Co. box, he'll love the Taj Mahal you generously loaned him.

The Kelley's said...

Wow, that is so adorable. I'm very jealous! Who do I have to pay to get my hands on that cute little guy?