Friday, September 18, 2009

I read this online this morning.

The Atlantic article titled "In the Basement of the Ivory Tower" ... because, yesterday, I was reading these admission requirements and procedures and these, too.

TCU doesn't have an English graduate degree, just a very wishy washy liberal arts somethingoranother. Besides, on my secretarial salary, I could not afford that anyway, but it certainly would be the easiest commute. Admittedly, UNT and UTA are not the vision I once held for my grad school career. Once upon a time, I dreamed a dream of this place, but they allegedly only accept 10% of their applicants, and I live on Pershing not on Guadalupe, so what are you going to do?

What I'm going to do is take my GRE... (Don't tell anyone, but I accidentally registered for it on the same morning that I'm hosting a baby shower in McKinney and slated to be in charge of the brunchy, ladies food stuffs everyone will consume. Oh no. But oh, yes. I'm rescheduling. Don't worry.) Like I was saying, I'm taking the GRE and taking my lumps and applying to the only viable options I have. Whatever happens, happens. At least I won't be as scared as I might have been otherwise.

In this same vein, have you seen previews for Joel McHale's new show? Here's a fairly positive review. Carter and I watched Joel in a Soup special last night with guest appearance by Seth Green, impersonating Daisy from dubious VH1 reality infamy. Seth can do no wrong in my book. Um, hello, it is no coincidence that Buffy went downhill when Willow and Oz broke up. Direct correlation. Also, I'm seeing Dawn around lately on Gossip Girl and someplace else I think. Just in passing.

I stole this photo from it's not like I actually own a signed photo of Seth circa 1997. I just came really close to putting a picture of Spike on here, too. Carter and I watched the first five seasons of Buffy together, but it does trail off there at the end. We're about to start The Wire. I'm preparing for a marathon this Sunday thanks to Netflix. woo... hoo. (That was done in the voice of Phoebe from the episode where Monica gets drunk and Phoebe tries to distract everyone at the party by causing a scene. And now that I think about it, also in the voice of Phoebe (not as Phoebe) as Michelle in Romi and Michelle's High School Reunion when they're about to leave on their road trip out to Tucson and the car keeps backfiring.)

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