Friday, November 20, 2009

Back in Black / Pouting

My parents gave me this headboard and (unpictured) footboard when they were moving the other day. It fits our guest room bed, and I decided to paint it glossy black. The problem is that when I put it together and made the bed, it made our tiny guest room look even smaller than before. When I put the mattresses on it, the bed was really high... like you need stairs to get up there. I like a tall bed--feels like luxury--but in our little space, it made things a little claustrophobic. Plus, when you stand a sham up on top of the fat, pillow-top mattress, it covers up almost all of the details of the headboard. Grrr.

I was depressed with the mediocre results 1) because I had such high hopes for the posts to look like sharp silhouettes against the gray wall and 2) because I felt I had worked hard our in the garage to sand and paint and Wipe-On Poly it. (Man, that Wipe-On Poly is no joke. It smells just like turpentine, which I don't mind, but it made me hands really sticky. I washed them 900 times and finally had to take finger nail polish remover and scrub away to get some of it to come off and was still struggling. (One might say that one should wear thick rubber gloves when one uses W.O.P. next time, but I'll tell you right now that I won't do it. I don't like plastic gloves. No reason other than the vague feeling that I'm not in touch with what I'm doing. I'd rather have sticky hands.))

Anyway, I was in a foul mood b/c it didn't turn out like I wanted. All night last night, Hub kept asking me if I was still upset about the headboard. Apparently, I was feeling a little sorry for myself. Being bratty and overly sensitive is my specialty.

Surely there's a lesson in here somewhere. Let's see. Something on my materialism, something Colossians-ish like setting my mind on things above and not on earthly things. Or maybe something more Jamesian like considering it pure joy when I face [domestic] trials of many kinds. Or maybe an Ecclessiastical lesson in the meaningless of the search for pleasure? Job-esque lesson in gaining some humble perspective?

Long story short, I've learned my lesson; I'm out of my funk; and I'll post some blurry IPhone pictures of the bed soon if anyone cares to see them.

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TNC said...

Dear friend,
It sounds wonderful. Need help brainstorming? I can saunter down sometime and do your bidding.