Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Pew for You

I decided a long time ago that the Coventry bench from Ballard Designs would be a perfect option for one side of our dining room table, but today, I had a revelation...

I think a Craigslist pew would be a cost-conscious alternative. This one is about 9' long and about $800 less than the Coventry banquette. That's quite a savings. (I would need to check on that seat depth though.)

Also, (oh my gosh!) it just occurred to me that my parents have an antique (and I think sufficiently long) pew that they've had forever. I wonder if I could swindle it away from them... Can you see me twisting the ends of my evil, waxed moustache right now? Maybe it could be my fee for delving into the hot mess at their new house and helping organize the chaos. Quid pro quo?

(Who am I kidding? I'm dying to arrange and organize all their mountains of stuff. I'm itching to get in there. I practically had to be physically restrained last Saturday in order to leave half the garage full of old furniture and boxes and garden tools. Maybe they'll recognize and appreciate this and not find room for the pew at the new house and feel generous toward little old me. However, I can hear my mom right now. "Giiiirl, you already took that headboard and that table and my bottle of gin. If you think you're taking the pew, too, you got another thing comin. Now, get in there and do some dishes.")

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TNC said...

Genius! How chic and thrifty you are. Please come make me over.