Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brooklyn Bound

One of our evenings all four of us walked across the Brooklyn Bridge around sunset, angering many commuting bikers with our aimless wandering and inconsiderate picture taking.

This was one of my favorite nights.

Hub took this picture about half-way across the bridge with The Statue of Liberty just over J's left shoulder.

As far as the sunset goes, we couldn't have asked for much more.

This one is looking north-ish in the opposite direction from the previous picture. Hub has the Empire State Building just over his right shoulder, and I have the Chrystler Building sticking out of my hair.

Once we got over the bridge and into Brooklyn, we hailed a cab and headed over to Diner. Our driver was an interesting Jamaican fellow who enjoyed laughing at gristly heart attack stories on the radio. But who doesn't? Once we arrived, Hub had a romantic experience with his Diner cheeseburger. I devoured a proscuitto and apple quince flatbread.

Then we moved on to Beer Table, which was even smaller and more intimate and more enjoyable than expected. Our hostess, dare I say curator, gave all of us tastings and advice in picking just what suited each of us. I began to have an irrational fear Carter was falling in love with her and her cute, quirky, little face and brain full of beer knowledge, so I took her outside and told her to put her dukes up. Then we battled it out old school style with switchblades. Think Jets and Sharks, dancing included. She would probably win in a dance off, too, actually. Then I gave her what for by flexing my leg muscles. What a night.

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