Friday, November 6, 2009

Love Affair with Lowe's

I could spend days in the pleasure dome known as Lowe's, wandering around coming up with ghetto-rigged, cockamamie home projects. I like to play a game in the aisle with all the brackets, industrial handles, and pulls called Where Else Can I Drill? or Can I Make a Shelf Out of This? or Is This Cheaper than Buying a Desk off Craigslist?

These pretty handles were on the same aisle with their rough and tumble industrial sisters, and the glass pulls to the left represent what I want for everything in our house. They look antique-ish, so they gel with the era in which our home was built, but I think the translucence of the glass also looks up to date and clean and modern. They do indeed have an Anthropologie vibe but slightly pared down and more simplified than their versions.

I like this fan as much as I can like any fan. I hate the nine different adaptations of ugly we have for our fans. I swear it's all I can see in the living room. Insert gagging noises here. If nothing else, our living room fan should be painted white so it would blend in to the ceiling a little more... but at the same time, I hate white fans the worst, so I don't know.

I'm searching for a mirror for the powder room. What do you think? I like oval, but I think this frame is too much for our little space.

This one is the right scale and the right price, but I don't love love it.

This one was my favorite (look closely b/c there is a nickel beading trim along all those beveled edges), but I think it might be too wide to be centered above the sink. I should measure.

Um, also, why did I wear an outfit that looks like I lead hay rides for a living?

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