Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cute Overload, Modern Pups, and Very Serious Hipsters

Just so you know, this post is not just devoted solely to divine, infantine (that is a word) swine. Although that one is so cute I could just eat... uh.

From this post on Cute Overload

This one's caption had something to do with unbeatable peripheral vision.

via Cute Overload here

Last, we have the party house. Lu might have done something similar last night with a Nurf football. I would have been mad if I could've stopped picturing the hilarious vision of what she looked like furiously running around and tearing it to tiny bits like a rabid dog baby. It covered our bedroom floor.

The post is titled "Just Be Glad They Didn't Get Their Paws on a Glue Gun."

This now brings us to a blog I just found today called Hipster Puppies. I think you're going to die. Watch out for mild language. I've included two samples here with their captions, both dedicated to my husband.

"Don’t use the term 'world music' around thurston unless you want a 20 minute lecture."

"Rambo’s appreciation for the music of r. kelly rapidly evolved from 'ironic' to 'genuine' to 'not at all.'”

And last today, please enjoy the humor of the very popular Unhappy Hipster blog.

"The stools huddled together, braced for another one of his incoherent solo poetry slams."

The sad truth was that the divide was rooted in the disappearance of a rare Marimekko maxi dress.

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