Monday, February 22, 2010

Throw Down

Do you watch Throw Down with Bobby Flay? Every once in awhile we do. Last night, tired of hockey and skiing, we switched to the Food Network. It was a paella throw down. Bobby described what one needs in a good paella pan.

Commence marital misunderstanding...

TV Bobby: You need one with a thick bottom.

Carter: That's like you.

Beth: What?

Carter: That's like you. (starting to sense something has gone wrong)

Beth: What's like me?

Carter: The, uh, paella pan.

Beth: Um, WHAT?

Carter: The bottom of the paella pan.

Beth: HOW is it like me?

Carter: It has a fit bottom.

Beth: He said "THICK BOTTOM." It doesn't even make sense for a pan to have a "fit bottom."

Carter: Sorry.

Beth: I'll be out back doing lunges. (Just kidding. I didn't really say that.)

Who knew paella could cause such problems? Throw down indeed.

(Just for the record, I have a flat pancake bottom, so neither thick nor fit actually.)

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