Thursday, February 4, 2010


I was looking for a cute picture of Giada because of the following interesting tidbit I wanted to spread, and I found this image, which I thought was pretty hilarious.

What I really wanted to share: Giada visits Austin an upcoming episode of Giada's Weekend Getaways on the Food Network. Go check out where she stays and eats.

P.S. Now, I don't hate precious, little Giada. (I do know someone who has referred to her as a bobble head--big head on a little body.) Her show and Ina's are the best shot shows on the Food Network, and really, the only ones that I get excited to watch. Their shows look like a beautifully photographed cookbook to me... but... Come on with all that cleavage, girl. Good gosh. Every episode. I guess I can't blame her. If she buttoned a few more buttons on her blouse I'm not sure she would have quite the notoriety she now has. Isn't she every man's dream? Big bosoms hanging out, (pretty) good food, and bubbly sweetness. I think I'm just jealous.

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