Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Getting All Archetypal

I'm curious to see how Lost plays out this season and hesitant to think that a clear-cut dark versus light, Jacob versus Esau/Man in Black, hero versus villain (Smokey versus the polar bears? anyone?) showdown is about to unfold. Lost's writers and audience seem a little bit too... is post-modern the word I'm looking for? Post-hero?

A clear-cut good guy and bad guy seems a tad old-fashioned for this audience. Don't we love a little more relativism in our final seasons? Although Lost has always been about a battle between two man forces: Jack v. Locke, Ben v. Locke, Ben v. Widmore, Jacob v. Man in Black, they've also always enjoyed blurring lines with pesky back stories and motivations. Now, having acknowledged that these nuances are a major source of my love for the show, nothing satisfies like Good solidly thumping Evil in the end... but I just don't foresee that kind of ending here.

I want the following this season:
  • Claire answers
  • season one Kate (as opposed to annoying Latter Day Kate)
  • random Vincent sightings
  • Sayid breaking more necks with his feet
  • Hurley and Miles convos
  • Manipulative, creepy Ben but still with the broken-down, primal stabbings and whatnot
  • Jacob and Man in Black maneuvering
  • No Juliet whining or hokey, overacted Jughead busting
  • Dr. Chang's prosthetic hand
  • Rousseau (I know. I don't care.)
  • Eko (I know. I don't care.)
  • Boone and Shannon (just kidding)
  • Jack and Christian showdown
  • minimal Daniel Faraday
  • Sawyer diving off cliffs like in his Cool Water Cologne commercials

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