Friday, February 19, 2010

Flying Tomato

We watched Bob Costas interview Shaun White last night. Well, Shaun certainly isn't modest... which I guess comes from lots of money and notoriety and world-renowned athletic ability from a very young age. I should have expected it, I suppose.

On a side note, Carter proposed the theory that Shaun would not be nearly so famous without his trademark red hair. Initially, I disagreed with this idea, but then, the point was made that there are many young and equally successful skiers and skaters and what have you. Shaun probably stood out, especially in the beginning, because he was so easily recognizable. Who would guess that this feature would become so iconic? I guess we should have looked to Carrot Head as a template.

Last, my father-in-law is at the Olympics right now! Maybe he had dinner with Shaun and Mr. Costas and Apolo and Johnny Weir. He probably did. I mean if I had to guess. They're probably hanging out right now. Best friends.


monique said...

yes, i could not agree more, he is high fiving them all

Beth Wooten said...

I meant to say Carrot Top.

Jennifer said...

I prefer "Carrot Head."