Friday, March 5, 2010

Day Trippers Enacting Both a Brilliant Idea and a Revelation

Laying in bed, waking up this morning, I had a revelation. We should celebrate warmer weather with a little road trip to Hico tomorrow! Definitely. Definitely should do it. I was excited enough to bound out of bed and exuberantly present my plan to Carter over his bowl of Oatmeal Squares. He capitulated.

Hico is known for their antiques, art galleries, and the Koffee Kup's pies. Sounds like the perfect excuse to take a drive.

Now many weekends of my youth were blissfully, pastorally even, spent camping and stomping around state parks. Soooo... I combined the revelation of a Hico visit with the brilliant idea of pit-stopping and picnicing at a state park along the way. I checked Google Maps, and providentially, there is a state park directly along the route we would take down to Hico.

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See that green spot next to the route just above Glen Rose? That's Dinosaur Valley State Park. I have never been to this park. What do you think it's like? It would be convenient indeed if it were the kind of state park I'm picturing from my youth. I just searched for and stole a few images of the park, and this is what I found...

This is exactly what I was hoping for! Plus a gigantic T-REX with random kids in front of it!

Tomorrow is going to be the best day ever.


Sara said...

This park is fabulous...not to big, not to small. And there are actual dinasaur footprints. Great for kids or the kid at heart such as Carter. Wish we could join you both.

Marianna said...

Since you will be in the area, why not swing by Dublin and get some real Dr. Pepper.