Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wings and Revised Plans

Craigslist says the pair of these wingbacks are $80. Do you think I can talk the seller down to $50? Is that just stealing? Do you think they smell like cat urine or something? Do you think I can talk Carter into letting me get them if I can talk the seller down to $50?

I want to cover them in a khaki and ivory stripe or geometric, like this...

Those are Schumacher's Kerry Linen Stripe, Imperial Trellis, and Bleecker (she types while genuflecting), none of which I can afford, but I'm pretty certain I could easily find something similar.

Do you remember this project? The end result, in case you were wondering, did not, shall we say, meet my standards. There was some shocking puckering at the corner seams.

When your spouse says, "You can hardly see it," it translates as everyone can clearly see that this was homemade... by Lu. (Now I'm picturing Lu in a sweatshop, pushing the pedal of a sewing machine with a kerchief tied around her head.)

What a surprising outcome for this project. First-time upholstery seemed like it would be so simple.

It's been residing in the garage ever since... and I've been thinking it would be nice and sharp reincarnated in black and white ticking. I like crisp stripes, but I feel like the ticking would put that very straight-edged chair in it's place. It would give it some informality and ease, even.

Partly this sort of mood found in Shawn Henderson's New York farmhouse, featured in House Beautiful. See the chair and sofa? However, it will be on the very clean-lined and well-traveled orange chair so we're juxtaposing modern with country, straight with soft, formal with informal.

I'm still mulling over these chairs and fabrics. What do you think?

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