Thursday, March 25, 2010

Squeals of Excitement

I'll just go ahead and go crazy with everyone else today over emersonmade.

Design Sponge mentioned her corsages awhile back, which I in turn mentioned in a Valentine's excitement post earlier this year... because look at them. They are the height of feminine quirk and panache.

However, everyone's going berserk over the photographs of her home and style in general. I mean, can you blame them?

How cute is she?

Hello, dream pantry full of non-processed, organic perfection.

Bucolic, right? It is a really pretty image, but I have two complaints about this one. 1) Where are the goats for cheese-making purposes? If you have chickies, why not goats? 2) I lived next to actual roosters at one point, and they are not sweet, pastoral neighbors. I sort of hated their early-rising guts.

That's her hubbie. With a duck.

Martini at sunset? Stroll on the golf course with husband? Looking damn good with a chignon? I'll take that life.

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Kirsten Sue said...

I love Emerson Made so much. Her blog is amazing.

TNC said...

Does the duck come with the Smokin' Spouse? If so, bring on the fowl.