Monday, March 1, 2010

For Shame. For Shame.

Anthro! Why do you produce such dowdy and drab clothing? Why so ugly and masculine and boring? I mean who would wear this junk?

A red tank for sunning one's shoulders. I prefer my shoulders as is--pale and grayish.

A cute plum romper for springtime sleeping... Blech.

Matching bralette and tap shorts? Who wants those?

This? This inky and embellished blouse?

Sharp dresses for al fresco evenings,

or elegant events--not for me.

No one wants dove gray and ballet pink cardigans this time of year.

Certainly nothing with fresh green pleats!

Mixed-print bohemian strapless-ness is gross.

Not another tank with roses and flattering ruching--I'm so over that.

A casual and funky shift dress for warm Saturdays... I prefer sweat pants and the couch.

A detailed tee for layering. This wouldn't match anything I own.

Anthropologie, you fools... No one wants this stuff. Prepare for bankruptcy.

1 comment:

TNC said...

Oh, Beth, why do I live on a horse farm where these clothes would be destroyed? And how do the Anthro models frolic through horse farm fields without soiling their garments' hems? I need a dress like Lu needs a tummy rub. And pearls. And a pink boa.