Monday, April 5, 2010

This Agression Will Not Stand

I tried to stencil Imperial Trellis on my powder room wall. It did not work out for us, despite spending a redonkulous amount of time tracing my template and then cutting out the stupid stencils with a razor blade. Boo. Double boo. I blame the textured walls. Needless to say, the wall cannot remain like this.

Now I'm contemplating wallpaper. Sherwin Williams wallpaper. Most is priced pretty reasonably. Unfortunately, their images refused to be downloaded. Therefore, I will describe my top picks...

Gray on gray geometric tile p. 9--sw82346932 ($29.25)
Dove stylized damask p. 12--sw334624 ($22.40)
Gray and taupe tile p.14 --sw657-2942 ($29.25)
Cream art nouveau pattern p.20--sw1wa5091 ($15.95)
Cream and gray paisley p. 81--sw65643975 ($48.75)

Naturally, my favorite, the paisley, is the most expensive.

There also have been bloggy murmurs lately about fabric as wallpaper.

DIY Fabric Wallpaper

Easy Cornstarch Paste

Cornstarch paste is easy to make and works well for both wallpaper and papier mâché. Make one batch at a time to avoid lumps in the paste. For one gallon of paste, sift one cup of cornstarch into a large pot. Slowly add one gallon of hot tap water a little at a time, whisking thoroughly after each addition of water with a wire whisk. Heat the mixture on medium high heat on the stove, stirring constantly, until it thickens and becomes clear. Let the paste cool to room temperature for use.
Instructions from here.

Little Green Notebook recommends using starch.


monique said...

ugh i'm so sorry the trellis didn't work out, bum deal!! but any of those wall papers are so beautiful!!

sarah, flourish design + style said...

Oh no! Love your wallpaper choices-
Enjoyed stopping by + I look forward to following :) xo

Kirsten Sue said...

I feel your pain. My fabric looked like that too. I had to go over it with some white paint to fix it up. Don't give up. Your room will look amazing