Monday, April 26, 2010

Two New Things: Both Hits


I made a Vampire Weekend station on Pandora. It was a success, rife with Modest Mouse, The Shins, Feist, and Andrew Bird. My station sounds like spring, and even snobbish Hub has been requesting it in the car.


Do you use the Hipstamatic app? They claim that "digital photography never looked so analog." Oh, would you like to see some personal weekend samples? Yes, yes, they're right here...

Leaving work Friday

Quality time, sitting in grass

Looking around the house at decor that might need freshening

Sitting on the swing with arms around each other


monique said...

oh how i love those pics!! it maybe my fav app, despite not having an iphone

kendrick said...

I'm a huuuuuuge Hipstamatic fan! It instantly made the cut of first-page apps on my phone. Looking forward to seeing more of 'em on your blog.

And the thought of a Vampire Weekend Pandora station might be enough to snap me out of my "I only listen to full albums start-to-finish" funk.

ally007 said...

a friend passed this site on to me, and it reminded me of you. there is a lot of turquoise~~ maybe you've already found it?
hope you enjoy!

Beth Wooten said...

I love Young House Love! I had sorta forgotten about them though. I think Monique follows them, too. They always have the best DIY projects! I'm going to have to go visit right now. :)