Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uncomfortable or Awesome?

Concerts in the Attic

Photo from JeffCam Photo Blog

"Concerts in the Attic is a not-for-profit house concert series hosted by Steve Long, Sarah Goodall and Ed Rogers. Held in the attic (that's right, the attic) of Sarah's one-hundred-year old house in Fort Worth's historic Fairmount neighborhood, the series features top-notch singer/songwriters performing in an intimate setting for an appreciative and attentive audience of music lovers.

Concerts are usually held on Sundays beginning at 5pm*, and are followed by an acoustic song circle until 11pm. Guests are encouraged to bring acoustic instruments, potluck dishes and their beverage of choice. A suggested donation of $15 is collected during each show, all going directly to the performer."

P.S. One of their February performers, Matt the Electrician, looks very similar to a bearded Matt who Carter knows... and since we're here, who also looks very similar to bearded Jack Shepherd from Lost.

Oh! One other thing... The idea of Concerts in the Attic reminded me of the IFC show Dinner with the Band, where I usually love more and more the chef/host Mr. Sam Mason and then feel sort of vicariously awkward about the band's performance and interaction with everyone. The episode with the vegans of Yacht was so painful that I could hardly watch. 90% of the time I find vegans to be laughably pompous and just generally absurd. I can say this as a former veg. Even with all that said, I support the concept, and the host is sharp and ... cool, for lack of a better word. It's worth watching, at least until the band starts spaz-robotically dancing and thrusting in front of their 5 person audience.

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