Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When I Grow Up

Every once in awhile, I dream about owning a bed and breakfast when I get old... or maybe sooner. Elements of Style just posted about the be-yeww-ti-ful Blackberry Farm in Tennessee, and it triggered this long-standing idea again.

I'm impressed with entrepreneurial go-getters because that's not really my personality. However, I think I could own a B&B pretty easily. Does that sound conceited and/or naive? Well... I don't care. So take that.

I really do think I could do it. I was a high school teacher, I can crack the whip and manage people. I know some of the ins and outs of B&B world. I worked at The Baldpate Inn in Estes Park, Colorado, for three summers while I was in college,

and then I cooked at The Reveille Inn in College Station for awhile.

I ingloriously cooked at a youth camp for a summer, and more recently, I've catered a few parties. I've seen (at least partly) some of the unglamorous toilet-cleaning-dish-washing-early-rising-monotonous-food-prep sides of the hospitality industry. And I really liked all of it.

I am afraid of the business side of things--the taxes and payroll and permits. (However, I have been in charge of our bookkeeping here at Colonial Risk Group and, after many trials, have learned to successfully navigate Quick Books... so that's kinda a start.) I don't know how you would every get over that intimidation unless you just did it.

I do think there's a niche for a non-doily style of bed and breakfast around here, a chic place in a historic home, close to some of the action but with a nice big private yard for Lu and my herd of goats.

So do I have any investors out there? Anyone? I'm willing to listen to all offers.


The Hayden Family said... the flowers on your desk.

And Blackberry Farm is my all time fave place!

PLEASE open a B&B...will you accept permanent residents?

The Kelley's said...

I have always dreamt of this too! Then I remember how private of a person I am and envision murderers staying at our B&B and bludgeoning us to death in our sleep. But that's just me! :) Ha!

Sara said...

We should do this...for real. I will do all the taxes, payroll,and permity type stuff (since I enjoy this type stuff) for you as long as you make me a yummy snack every afternoon.

Jennifer said...

You would be So. GOOD! at this! Seriously!

kendrick said...

What they said. Team Wooten would run a most decidedly kick-ass B&B.