Monday, July 26, 2010

3 Best

Charcuterie and soft cheeses and wine on the street in Paris with David Lebovitz...
even more mouth-watering because I can't have most of it. Giving up coffee and gin and tonics has been easy. It's the feta and chevre that are killing me.

Chevron striped frames from i suwanee

Too cute round yellow squash stuffed with prosciutto, shallot, sweet potato, Comte, among other things from La Tartine Gourmande


Carter said...

cured meats and funky cheese?? umm, yes, please. how's that for a couplet?

Caroline | surprised by joy said...

When my sister was pregnant last year, she was also mourning the loss of feta and chevre. I know there are some pasteurized versions you can get that are safe -- look into it! Maybe then you won't be in cheese withdrawl. :)