Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shakin It Up

I feel like I get stuck in a menu-planning rut every coupla months or so: enchiladas, salmon couscous, chicken curry, pasta with herbs. These are my very comfortable ruts. The pajama pants and sweatshirt of menus.

But I'm mixing it up this week. Watch out now.

Wed.--lime, red onion, cilantro crab cakes on mixed greens
Thur.--out to Lucile's with Wootens
Fri.--Ellerbe Anniversary Dinner!!!
Sat.--portabello sharp cheddar cheeseburgers with sweet potato fries
Sun.--pizza of pear, carmelized onions, walnuts, and bleu cheese
Mon.--Eggs poached in basil garlic marinara on millet toasts with parmesan
Tues.--Chinese 5 Spice/Sriratcha rubbed-chicken with brocolli, carrot, and crispy red onion stir fry on brown rice

1 comment:

kawooten said...

And what time did you say you eat dinner? I would do your wash every day in exchange for food like that :) (Notice I didn't say clean house...I'm retired from that!) Carter is such a lucky -- make that blessed -- man -- in SO many ways! love you and looking forward to dinner tonight!