Thursday, July 8, 2010


I got to go to not one--but two--of my favorite restaurants last night.

Carter and I went to Nonna Tata for dinner. I cannot resist their involtini. It is too much--homemade pasta plus creamy bechamel plus crusty browned cheese on top. Tell me one thing wrong with that. Plus, I love their cozy and quaint, six-table space.

Then we went over to Lambert's for coffee and their coconut cream pie. While we were sitting there, I asked (sort of philosophically out into the ether) what makes that pie so good because it is, hands down, the best coconut cream pie I've ever had... maybe even the best pie period. (I know. Bold words.) We, the ether and I, came to the conclusion that it must be ridiculous amounts of butter in the crust and the custard... and whipped cream so thick it might as well be butter.

In conclusion, I ate an entire meal of heavy whipping cream. What else could I do? It was my day.

Then we went home and watched Top Chef because what satisfies you in your gorged misery like watching people eat even more food?

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