Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Big Day for Me

Well, first, I have an appointment with my midwife this afternoon, and rumor has it that we'll get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Both woo and hoo! (Is that a nice, generic picture of a mommy and midwife? I thought so.)

Second, and only slightly less important, Jersey Shore is back tonight. Slate said this:

Critics called them shallow, vain, depraved. They were all these things. But it was their miraculously intact humanity that most affected us; "I am the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island, baby," said Angelina Pivarnick, carrying trashbags as luggage, demonstrating self-esteem divorced from wealth; "I can never go out without my hair extensions," said Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, the show's great beauty, camera close on said hair-extensions, subverting the very artifice of glamour on which The Hills existed...

Beneath their tans and gel, the cast of Jersey Shore showed us how to be good to ourselves and one another. Mainly they fought for, not with each other; "We stood together as a family," reflected DJ Pauly D in the finale, invoking civilization's very core.

Um, hello, it's awesome.

Last, I'm planning on assembling the propane grill we received five years ago as a wedding gift and have never once used because it's still in the box in the garage. I'm typing this as a form of accountability. My goals are as follows: 1) fajitas, 2) a minimum of mosquito bites, and 3) not blowing up.

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