Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We're keeping my parents' dog, Betsy, while they're in Colorado this week... and apparently taking a surprise trip to Mount Rushmore afterward, too. What the heck, right? Tangentially, they're up visiting family in Loveland and then were going to swing over to Vail with my aunt and uncle for a night or two. Coincidentally, Carter's parents are in Vail right now too with his aunt and uncle. We told them each to keep an eye open for the others. Turns out, they did see each other and are staying in the same hotel.

So, anyway, sweet Betsy is with us this week and loving her vacation, too. Betsy is a little overweight, but she's gained a personal trainer in Lu. Someone in the house made the comment that she looks like a golden brown sausage-stuffed kolache. While Betsy loves to rest and snuggle, Lu loves to run and bite her neck meat. Bets is an obedient and gentle and affectionate dog. Whenever she tries to lick Lu's face, Lu will jerk her head away in disgust. Don't get me wrong--Lu loves her, too. She just shows it in more of a roughhousing/non-affectionate kind of way.

They love to trade toys. It mostly involves Betsy picking up a toy to chew on and Lu running by and stealing it.

This is what we see most of the time: Lu dominating; Betsy submitting. I've seen Lu literally slap Betsy in the face with her paw. You'll have to excuse my language, but that's what I call a bitch slap. I've been thinking of their relationship dynamic as something akin to a high school queen bee mean girl and a chubby, good-natured (slightly low self esteem) girl.

Now this is rare, but sometimes Betsy's weight accidentally gets the best of her and scrawny little Lu is thrown down, and I laugh and laugh.

Some little dogs were stinky from all the playing and going on walks and what have you. I thought it was funny that they snuggled up together for protection.

Look at Betsy's sweet eyes. (Don't look at my squashed out thighs and furzley hair.)


Jennifer said...

I love them in that tub together! And those Betsy eyes--ugh!

Silver Strands said...

hahaha - those bathtub pictures are adorable