Friday, August 27, 2010

3 Best (and Worst)

1. Hearing our baby's burly heartbeat yesterday at our midwife appointment. If it was a "wooshwooshwoosh" last time, it was "BoomBoomBoom" this time. Go Wee Woo. He/she should be about 5" from head to rump by now. That's big time. And we get our sonogram (AND TO FIND OUT THE SEX) at our next appointment.

2. Mudpuppy's hanging air plants in his Etsy shop (Found via Inspired to Share)

The Lovely Leaves wallpaper from Hygge & West is pretty amazing. (Found via Inspired to Share)

P.S. My 3 Worst

1. Dropping off our computer at the Apple store to see what irreparable problems lurk in its guts
2. Calling our insurance company to sort out some dental coverage junk
3. The thought of my upcoming dentist appointment after five years (!) of not having my teeth cleaned


kendrick said...

Just thinking about the dentist gives me the heebie-jeebies... because I haven't had my teeth cleaned since 2004 or 2005.

Those hanging plants give me the opposite of heebie-jeebies. Totally rad.

Carter said...

Hahaha. We're with you on the dentist--apparently, a loving/happy marriage doesn't have a correlating effect on teeth. Who knew?

Jennifer said...

I'm sure it'll be fine; I only had about 10 cavities the last time I stayed away for years. It worked out to just over one/year.

But YEA! for that heartbeat!! It must be the best sound in the world! (Better than ch-chips and salsa?)