Monday, August 9, 2010

On Repeat

Carter and I had a brief conversation lying in bed last night during our nearly nightly time which I like to call Girl Talk about the movies we liked to watch over and over as kids.

I know there are some I'm forgetting, but here are a few I can remember:

The Never-Ending Story

That face looks likes an albino version of a little dog face I know at home. Image from here. I also want to say that the scene with the horse sinking in the mud traumatized me.

Flight of the Navigator

Image from here

Big Business

So. Random. Why did a fourth grader like Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin so much? Image from here

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Image from here

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Villain image from here

... but I was much older for this one. Embarrassingly so. Image from here


Molly said...

Thanks for getting the never -ending-song stuck in my head...I'm trying to replace it with the moving acapella rendition of Open the Gates...I'm not sure how successful I'll be...wish me luck! I feel like Indiana Jones was a permanent fixture on the TV at your house in the 90's. And in case you forget it...You are.....THE NAVIGATOR! (Imagine your computer screen as the circular opalescent eye)

Beth Wooten said...

I did sing The Never Ending Story song to C when I called him at lunch. He needed a little cheering up.

I know! What was the deal with the Bradlys and Indiana? Whenever I think of movies at your house, I think Pollyanna... and that live action version of Cinderella! I sometimes sing "It's possible! for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage! It's possible!"

I really think I've watched Flight of the Navigator more than any other movie in my life. Remember Sarah Jessica Parker in it?

Molly said...

I forgot about SJP! Even then, she was the cool chick.

Why oh why did we watch that Cinderella was terrible yet addicting!

And we did love us some Pollyanna over on Berkley...even though our VHS tape ran out of room and the end of the movie was forever a mystery...

Sara said...

I am embaressed to admit that i did go and rent Big Business after a bad day at work not to long ago because it just gives me a calming effect. Oh and lest we forget that Newsies was recorded from TV and in your all caps handwritting.

Beth Wooten said...

Ha! I LOVE that you rented Big Business! I'm actually surprised you could even find it!

I actually think almost all of our movies were recorded from the Disney Channel. :)