Monday, August 16, 2010

3 Best

1. This exact muted color of gray blue aqua for the nursery. Regardless of the sex. What do you think? If it's a girl, could I spin it to read feminine? (Image via Griege)

What if I used a hand-painted cherry blossom pillow? Of course, if it's a boy, there's no need for blossoms, cherry or otherwise.

2. The thought that it could be just like this: Mother and daughter strolling and cooking.

3. I went to a birthday party on Saturday night. One of the guests told me a story about a recent wedding several of my friends had attended. You must know that, by and large, this is not a wild crowd, but e'ry once in awhile a few of them go buck wild (or get jiggy with it as the saying goes). And, without divulging too many incriminating details, this wedding sounds like it was one of those times...

Friend told me that a few days after the fun of the wedding, she saw someone limbo-ing (on TV?), and she realized with mild horror that she had limbo-ed that night and gracefully fallen to the ground in the process, a memory she had somehow (?) forgotten until that moment. She asked a couple other wedding attendees about it, and they promptly told her there was no limbo-ing at the reception, that she was crazy, but she knew. She knew.

Weeks pass. She found a photo on Facebook of the reception with limbo-ing in progress, and her own woo hoo-ing, high fiving image waiting to be next in line. Proof!

This is how it went down:

"You know what we need to do right now?"

"What? Have another Long Island Iced Tea?"

"No, fool! Limbo!"

"But how? We have no pole."

"Umm... Here's my tie!"

"Let's do it! Gather all the participants who want to get jiggy."

"Me! Me! I want to get jiggy! I'm raising my hand/high-fiving/raising the roof to show my excitement and willingness! Surely I won't fall down on my first turn..."

I didn't even ask anyone's permission to tell this story or include this picture.

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Silver Strands said...

I think the nursery color is soothing and perfect! (and I'd keep the cherry blossom pillow even if it IS a boy!)