Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Name Tools

Despite already having decided on our names, I played around on the Baby Name Voyager for awhile today.

Slate had an interesting Name Tree of the most popular names on Facebook, too.

P.S. We landed on Charlotte Bradly Wooten for a girl (calling her Bradly) and Whitman Bradly Wooten for a boy (calling him Whit).


Caroline | surprised by joy said...

I love your baby names choices! Unique and interesting, without being too outrageous or pretentious.

*shakes hand*
Excellent. :)

The Kelley's said...

Love love love your name choices!! They sound smart - which I'm sure they will be with yours and Carter's genes!! :)

Sara said...

Mom told me that we needed to start teaching W the names since he keeps calling it Wee Woo and that wouldn't be good after the baby comes for him to continue to call him/her Wee Woo.