Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chi Town!

We have a family vacation to Chicago planned in a few weeks. Our loose plans are along these lines:

Thursday: Arrive in a blaze of glory that morning; boat tour around town (motorized not paddle as someone suggested); dinner at Frontera Grill

Rick Bayless

Friday: Girls shop Michigan Avenue and have tea at The Drake; boys commit random acts of mayhem as well as possibly visiting The Publican and Hot Doug's; dinner at the home of some friends/associates of my in-laws (I think the term "associates" smacks of mob affiliation. It is Chicago after all.)

Tony waits for his Hot Doug

Getting fancy at The Drake

Saturday: Museums and/or Aquarium plus Frank Lloyd Wright ogling; dinner at Graham Elliot (who, appropriately enough, has Sufjan's Come On! Feel the Illinois! playing on his website)



Van Rijn

Shedd Aquarium gets cute

Graham Elliot Bowles is my age... except he's done something with his life.

Sunday: Wrigleyville wandering; Cubs Game; pizza at Gino's East (?) for dinner; partying with Vince Vaughn

Bar in Wrigleyville where I'll be swilling O'Doule's. Sad face.

Go Cubbies.

That pizza don't play. (Image from Passionate Eater)

Monday: Gettin' jiggy wit it. (My primary goal for fall is to bring back "gettin jiggy.")


Caroline | surprised by joy said...

Well, it IS important to have goals.

kendrick said...

I'm gettin' jiggy just reading the itinerary. That's gonna be an awesome trip.

Beth Wooten said...

"Getting jiggy" is this year's "going buck wild."

Bonnie Thompson said...

Frontera Grill---definitely a good call. You might want to consider adding Goose Island Brewery to your list. We're going to try to eat there this week-end when we're in the Windy City and will let you know if it's a "must do".

Beth Wooten said...

Bonnie, thanks for the suggestion! I think Carter or someone mentioned Goose Island at some point, but I think we forgot about it. Definitely let us know if we should go!

The Hayden Family said...

My husband is OBSESSED with Rick Bayless! We watch his show on PBS every Saturday. His daughter adds entertainment value. Cannot wait to hear!

How are you feeling?!?!??!?!! Hugs to the belly containing wee woo!