Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are You Missing Lost, Too?

Okay, it's our first full week with no Lost. Is anyone else mourning like I am? Console yourself with these posters by Mattson Creative, and certainly head over there to check out the other Lost pieces.


Silver Strands said...

Want to hear something sadder than Lost being over? We just got rid of TV completely ... so yes, I'm missing Lost, and House, and Bones, and......
BUT - I'm getting SO much done :)

hip hip gin gin said...

I have to admit I never watched it, only seen a few episodes, but I feel for you. So many of my favorite shows are no longer, and some of them I still miss. That's when I start collecting the season DVDs. Hope you find something to take its place.

Beth Wooten said...

Denalee, I admire you for ditching it. Sometimes, it just makes the whole night evaporate.

Hip Hip, my hub and I love to rent seasons at a time of old shows. After much debate, up next is West Wing. :)