Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Want to Pack my Bags

This image from David Lebovitz is proof that I'm due a trip to Italy soon. That should be my gelato, friends.

These two from Erin of Villa Pacis are just further confirmation that it is my destiny.


hip hip gin gin said...

Yes, I would very much like for that to be my gelato as well! Italy is one of my favorite places, it is definitely time to go again soon!!

Caroline said...

Sigh -- I'm right there with ya. I *LOVE* Italy. I could eat gelato until it leaks out of my ears.

Jennifer said...

Love Caroline's description--I agree. Did you read about Darby & Erika's (you know, our good pals) upcoming birthday? Rough.

Beth Wooten said...

I did read about Darby and Erika's trip! Those pictures were stolen from the blog of the friend they're going to visit. Am I creepy?

Silver Strands said...

Nice pictures but I have to say that the gelato is the one that's caught me! YUM.