Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Nights on my Street

image here

One of my favorite things about our neighborhood (aside from the lovable watchdog Mr. McKinney across the street) is that we live about two miles from the Botanic Gardens. And one of my favorite things about the Botanic Gardens (aside from these pretty pictures from the Japanese and Fuller Gardens, respectively)...

from Lonely Planet

from Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

is that every summer they have Concerts in the Garden, including a firework finale, and because we're just slightly higher and just far enough away, we get a pretty great view of the pyrotechnic show from our front yard. We'll be casually watching TV or cleaning up after dinner, and we hear the faraway popping--it's funny how it surprises me every time-- and just like nearly everyone else on the street we go out in bare feet and stand in our driveway and watch for a few minutes. Even aside from the flashy show, I also really like that we can wave at our neighbors in the hot dark. It's a little bit hushed and a little bit awesome to stare out and up. It's a nice perk of our tiny home. And since this is my third house on this same street (What can I say? I like to be wedged between Central Market and the museums.), I've enjoyed the fireworks from several slightly different vantage points, and this one, I'm convinced, is the best.

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