Friday, June 4, 2010

Southern-Inspired Bites, Delicious Cocktails, Live Music

Remember Casey from Top Chef? The season with Hung? She used to work at Shinsei in Dallas. Well, she's opening a restaurant in Fort Worth around the So 7 area called Brownstone. Because I like to sign up for mailing lists, I received this in my inbox.

Basically, Casey is throwing a party for me next Saturday. I hope I like it.

P.S. Here's a rendering of the lounge area of Brownstone. I hope they have the fireplace roaring next weekend when we go.


Jennifer said...

So jealous! We just finished season 5 the other night (it filled the gaping Lost-shaped hole in our hearts for a couple weeks)--the one with Jamie, Stefan, Carla, Hosea, Leah, etc. I was pretty pleased with the talent relative to previous seasons, but ambivalent about the winner.

I can't wait to hear the verdict on Casey's new digs!

Sara said...

OMG!I don't say that lightly. Shinsei is one of our favs here in Dallas. I am so jealous. I wish that I could join you for a little bit of sisterly bonding that night.

Silver Strands said...

Ooooh fun! My parents live in the Ft Worth area ... I'll definitely check it out when I visit next.

Beth Wooten said...

Jen, Top Chef might be my favorite reality show... well, that's hard to say when Bravo keeps on cranking out hits, but regardless, it's greatness. Although I do struggle with their winners sometimes.

Sara, where is Shinsei? I hadn't even heard of it until she was on Top Chef.

Denalee, what a small world! I hope your parents aren't melting in this heat b/c I am! How did it get so hot so fast?

Sara said...

Shinsei is right across from W's old restaurant in Inwood Village. Right next door to Inwood Tavern. It is hands down the best sushi that I have ever had. When you go go for the experience. There are so many different choices. Octopus, eel, tuna from so-and-so. Oooohhhh. I wish I was enjoying it right now.

Dana said...

Hey! I'm going to this too. See you there!