Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Don't you want to be ten years old (or thrity-one) and sleeping here with your friends?

From Georgia Carlee of GCI Design via House of Turquoise

We have a Dallasite friend staying with us tomorrow night because of a multi-day training at one of the hospitals here in town. I don't have a sleeping porch to offer, but I do have a little Boston Terrier for her to snuggle with. She loves guests and is happy to oblige.


hip hip gin gin said...

I would like to have a sleep over there with my friends at any age! I used to love slumber parties as a little girl, still do but everyone lives too far away to make it happen.

kawooten said...

OK, out goes our teak table and chairs, and wicker chairs and table -- In go the beds -- I love this! Of course, Texas may not be the best place for this application. I actually have a friend here who has a sleeping porch, and takes a nap on it most days! love you!

kawooten said...

Oops - I think that's, "Out GO our..." Sorry, English teacher!