Friday, June 11, 2010

The Price You Pay

I got these Nine West wedges last Saturday because I wanted some nude-colored sandals to wear with dresses this summer. They are a little, um, "fiercer" than my normal footwear. I wore them to a wedding Saturday night. With amazing foresight, I reached for the band-aids so that they wouldn't do any damage, but sadly, it was our last band-aid, so my left heel got none.

The wedges made me very, very tall. I danced and danced until very late. You would not believe the amount of dancing I did in my new wedges. I felt like I was 30 years old again. As a result of my good time, I still have the resulting painful blister. It's not even close to healed. It's my unhealed heel.

Carter laughs at me when I try to use Neosporin. He told me he thinks I'm obsessed with Neosporin. I'm not. I just don't like open wounds. That's not crazy. That's normal.

Moral: 1) Don't run out of band-aids; and/or 2) buy minimally fierce dancin shoes.


Sara said...

How much are these and what size are yours? Maybe we can share them? Kinda like the fab red purse of "mine"! You have it for a while then I have it for awhile.

monique said...

omg i think them shoes were totally worth it! sorry you are in pain though...

Silver Strands said...

They may be fierce, but they're also classy!

hip hip gin gin said...

Oh yeah I am so with you on the blistered heels. Also from wedges, but mine were fabric so I didn't even think to do the band aid thing. Have one blister on left heel and two on right heel (I know, it is a mystery). And good for you for using Neosporin, this germophobe gives you two thumbs up =)