Wednesday, October 13, 2010


(That's Made For Each Other for those unversed in Sleepless in Seattle allusions.)

See here for reference...

We've been invited to a party this weekend where we've been encouraged to dress up as an 80s movie couple. Since Sleepless unfortunately came out in 1993, I've been debating other earlier, more decade-appropriate, M.F.E.O. couples.


Leah said...

Haha! Love it!!
"What's that mean?"
"No way."
"That's NW!"

Hmmm... what about:
Wayne and Garth

He-Man and She-Ra

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton (since you have boobs again!)

Fred and Daphne (though that's not very 80s)

Arnold and Willis from Diff'rent Strokes :)

Doogie and his DOS-system computer

Tony and Angela (Who's the Boss)

Tony and Mona :) Mona was the coolest...

Beth Wooten said...

Well, turns out Carter's going to the Ranger's game, so I'll be solo (sigh), and most of these aren't nearly as funny as one half of a couple. But, indeed, Wayne and Garth is the best suggestion ever... and also Mona! Love her sexy senior citizen sass. I also love that my chest proportions are comment fodder. ;)

Jennifer said...

I was thinking Marty McFly and his mom, but I love Arnold and Willis, too. Maybe someone at the party would have a seizure and you could learn a very touching lesson about epilepsy.

Have fun and take pictures!

Kristi said...

Haha! Can't wait to see what you come up with!