Thursday, October 7, 2010

Suffering the Consequences

Silly Dancing

Mellow Swaying

Watch out! We preg, and we don't even care!

(This is my very first personal video to upload. Cheers for fancy phones.)

We went and saw Vampire Weekend last night in Dallas. It was an awesome, fun show, and I had a great time, but, people, I am an old old lady, and I'll be honest, I'm still feeling it today. Carter and I were talking while we were there, and we just don't have the motivation anymore that we used to. I used to get pumped for this kinda stuff, and though I really enjoyed it and I'd do it again, I can't say that I was pumped last night in the way I remember. I used to live and die for Austin City Limits Fest, and now the idea of standing in that insane heat and getting my sunglasses stomped and laminating my homemade schedule and wearing a trashbag raincoat just makes me feel a little tired. It does.

Whatz a happening here?


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, why didn't anyone tell me to straighten my dress? My poor baby looks huge! And rectangular! But isn't it funny that your tummy and head won't both fit in the frame? Oh, to be tall!

I loved that show, but there are very few bands I can get excited enough about to pay the price these days. At one point, I laughed out loud when I realized I was dancing and bouncing to the music with my eyes half closed. :)

Beth Wooten said...

1. Your baby absolutely does not look huge. You're talkin crazy!
2. It might be nice to be a guy and be tall, but height in women stinks most of the time, especially when you're young. I wonder if Bradly will be tall...
3. Vampire Weekend made me believe I was a good dancer.