Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Photo via here

I don't typically listen to oldies, but Carter programmed my pre-set buttons in my car, and when I heard more fundraising hoopla on NPR, I moved on down the line to my #3 station, KLUV, on the way to work this morning. To my surprise (and delight?) I heard "Jump" by Van Halen on the oldies station. I just googled "Jump" and found out it came out in 1984. Does this really classify as an oldie, KLUV?

Thinking back, I will also note that when we go to Old Neighborhood Grill on Saturday mornings for breakfast, I've noticed that KLUV (what a predictable station choice, Old Neighborhood Grill) has been shifting to younger oldies. I apparently have a false notion that oldies come from the 50s, 60s, and maybe 70s... but this appears to be an antiquated idea.


monique said...

agreed... i am a fan of the song, but thats classic rock...totally not oldies

Beth Wooten said...

Classic rock--exactly! Not oldies at all.