Thursday, October 28, 2010


I painted my toenails last night. It was not the carefree experience that it once was.

I twisted and turned and hunched over, squashing and contorting little B in all kinds of ways new to both of us. I would paint one coat on one foot and then have to lay back, panting and recovering and watching the Rangers get spanked for awhile. Then dive in again, struggling and determined, for the other foot.

In the midst of all the groaning and huffing, Carter even offered to paint them for me... but I was a little worried about the, um, skill of someone so unaccustomed to nail painting. However, I think this will have to be the last time I do them myself for awhile though.

Hello, my old friend, Deluxe Nail Salon.


Kristi said...

Hehe! Awe, I bet they look marvelous after all that hard work though! ;-) But yeah, just splurge on the nail salon for the next few months! :)

monique said...

hahaha i giggled out loud reading this...maybe we go together soon? since reaching our toes maybe more challgenging ;)

Kerry said...

I've had the same experience painting my toe nails, that is until.... I discovered a new use for my desk drawers at home. I can pull out the bottom drawer and place my foot on there and it enables me enough room not to squish the precious belly cargo. Good luck next time. =)